StrongSwan IKEv2 VPN on Raspberry pi

By Atomstar on Monday 24 December 2018 01:08 - Comments (7)
Categories: Linux, RaspberryPi, Security, Views: 16.216

Guide to set up road warrior VPN server (i.e. road warrior = mobile clients connecting to static server, vs e.g. site-to-site connection) using IKEv2 using strongswan on a raspberry pi. This guide is largely based on this digitalocean guide combined with ready-made strongswan configurations.

Update 20181224: added algo VPN configurator
Update 20190223: added cipher analysis / recommendation, clarified eth0 interface use on server, ESP/AH forwarding, added password generation one-liner.
Update 20200801: minor fixes in commands.

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Measuring CO2 using MH-Z19B and D1 mini pro

By Atomstar on Thursday 20 December 2018 20:59 - Comments (1)
Categories: ESP8266, Smarthome, Views: 6.299

In this article I describe how to measure CO2 levels using an MH-Z19B CO2 sensor connected to D1 mini pro and push these somewhere over wifi.

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Getting started with LOLIN D1 mini/DHT22 on Mac

By Atomstar on Thursday 20 December 2018 16:06 - Comments (5)
Categories: ESP8266, Smarthome, Views: 3.233

To augment my smarthome hub and feed it with more data, I'm experimenting with LOLIN ESP8266 boards from WeMos. Specifically, I have the LOLIN D1 mini Pro v2.0.0. In this post I document how I overcame some hurdles in getting this to work. See also this WeMos tutorial.

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Connecting sensors to Rpi (2/3)

By Atomstar on Sunday 2 December 2018 18:07 - Comments are closed
Categories: Linux, RaspberryPi, Smarthome, Views: 3.728

Here I describe the various sensors I connected to my RPi. Specifically:
  1. Kaifa DSMR 4.0/4.2 smart meter
  2. SMA sunnyboy PV inverter
  3. Honeywell Evohome thermostat
  4. Sensus analog water sensor
  5. Landis+Gyr Ultraheat digital 7-segment LCD heat meter

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Installing domoticz on raspberry pi (1/3)

By Atomstar on Sunday 2 December 2018 16:46 - Comments (1)
Categories: Linux, Smarthome, Views: 6.603

Although there are many guides on this topic available, I'm recording my personal setup here for my reference and with the hope that some issues I ran into will help others.


As goal for my Rpi/Domoticz project I had the following:
  • Record (smart) meter data and graph it
  • Cheap/low-power solution (i.e. no Intel NUC)
  • Versatile wrt interfaces (e.g. bluetooth/wifi/GPIO)

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