Tunnel Apple AirPlay/Bonjour across zones in OpenWRT Firewall

By Atomstar on Friday 20 September 2019 21:20 - Comments (2)
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I've separated my wifi on my OpenWRT (18.06.2) router (Netgear R7800) in a guest zone and a lan zone for security purposes (well not really, I did it because it was possible). One service I want to allow from guest -> lan zone is Airplay, which uses multicast traffic (Bonjour). It turns out to be very simple to forward Airplay somewhat difficult to diagnose or get this working. In the end I made the AppleTV part of two zones by connecting LAN to local zone and WLAN to guest zone.

Some required steps include (but are not sufficient):
  1. Install avahi-utils, avahi-dbus-daemon, libavahi-client and libavahi-dbus-support as suggested by this post
  2. Forward ports from guest -> lan as listed by Apple
  3. Power cycle/reboot router, AppleTV, and clients (just to be sure)
  4. Profit! --> still doesn't seem to work stable
Unfortunately, I was not able to get this working with my Pioneer VSX-510 which supports AirPlay (v1) natively. Below I note some more details.

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Upgrading Macbook SSD with Sintech m.2 adapters

By Atomstar on Saturday 14 September 2019 14:16 - Comments (7)
Category: Mac, Views: 4.794

Since storage upgrades are quite expensive for MacBooks, there are third-party adapters that allow using m.2 SSDs on Apple's proprietary connector. Here I describe two of these connectors of Sintech.

Summary: the short Sintech adapter is 1.1mm thinner, which also fits in a 13" MacBookPro12,1, the long version does not fit. For a MacBookPro11,2, both the short and long adapter fit. I don't see a reason to buy the long (or rather: thick) version.

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